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Qiyoda: Qigong Yoga Dance. Understanding the Mind and its Relationship to Chi (energy), the Body and Life. Healing and Mastery through Qigong, Yoga and Dance.

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Qiyoda is a about using four approaches to healing and training the body: energy, massage, flexibility training and movement. Each has a coinciding art of healing and mastery; Qigong (Chi cultivation), massage, Yoga and Dance. The heart of Qiyoda is Chi cultivation: learning what Chi is, how to feel it, move it and use it, like a tool you hold in your hand; cultivating it directly. Then Chi is incorporated into massage, Yoga and dance and used together to affect healing, health and mastery of the mind and body. The goal of Qiyoda is to get a person’s body to a place of centeredness, balanced, relaxed and strong in proper alignment, making it natural. This is the perfect foundation for any movement-based practice or just living. Qiyoda also presents a core understanding of the principles of Qigong, massage, Yoga and dance. Through this understanding we can see how each fit together to create a whole system of approach to healing and mastery. Qiyoda practitioners are encouraged to create a personal practice which becomes an evolving journey of discovery and understanding. Where you are the teacher, guided by your body and life.

Torsion is a dance style based on the movements and parts of a torus. It is a blend of Tai Chi principles, martial arts movement principles, Qigong (Chi cultivation), some concepts from shamanism and some elements of funk and hip-hop styles of dance. It is designed to teach a person how the body moves naturally with perfect centering, balance and alignment. Through the practice of it, it opens and strengthens the body into proper alignment. It cultivates Chi and can be used with Chi to do healing. It can be performed to any music and other style elements can be added to make it your own style. You can also practice in silence and like Tai Chi, it can be practiced slow. Spontaneous movement (freestyle dancing) is a great way to cultivate creativity and intuition and get in touch with the creative. Move like the universe and become the universe! Or follow the vorotex into the depths of consciousness into the Innerverse.

Follow this blog for articles and updates on the subjects of Qiyoda and more. Follow on Instagram @_Innerverse_ . And check out my book, for $15.95 paperback or $3.99 on Kindle, you save thousands of dollars and years of time for what you get out of it.

This book makes history in seven ways and will change everything having to do with the Chi arts, healing arts, mind-body art, preventive, integrative and mind-body medicines. And if you don’t believe me, this is what my next book is about. It is all evidence gathered from over 30 books and months of research on every mind-body/preventive/integrative institute in the country, what they are using for therapy and researching, every university with a mind-body program, every Chinese medicine and acupuncture school in the country, as many Qigong and internal martial art schools as I can find in the country and what they are teaching. What other masters are teaching. Taking all of this and comparing it to Qiyoda. And I am finding that nothing compares. I know these are great claims, this is why I have spent months researching to make sure I have insurmountable proof to back it up. It is half-finished and I am happy to provide anyone with a current draft if they like. I guarantee you will learn more about Chi and these arts with this book than any master will teach you in a decade. I know what you see is unorthodox, but if you keep an open mind, I guarantee it will be blown.

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    I am really enjoying the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility problems? A handful of my blog readers have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any advice to help fix this problem?



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