Qiyoda: What you will learn

Qiyoda: Benefits of Practice

Qiyoda: What it is about

The name Qiyoda is a little inspiration from New York and its habit of naming things by using the first two letters of which area of the city you are; Qi-Yo-Da. I didn’t want to call “it” (Qiyoda) anything else other than what these arts are. But in essence it is a system of exercises and techniques put together from other art forms that lead to a purpose, this is why I call it Qiyoda. So it can retain the names of original inspiring art forms and still be conceptualized as a whole. Which helps when trying to communicate it to others.

Think of Qiyoda as a user’s manual for the mind, body and spirit; a guide for healing, maintenance and mastery of the three.  Qiyoda is a system combining 4 approaches to healing – energy, massage, flexibility and movement – with an evolving personal practice. The goal of Qiyoda is to heal, rehabilitate and retrain the body to attain an indelible level of centeredness, balance, proper alignment and the mastery of movement. As well as becoming a powerful energy healer and practitioner.

The main foundation of Qiyoda is in understanding Chi, its relationship to the mind and incorporating it into Yoga, massage, dance and life to create your personal practice of healing and mastery.

These four arts (Qigong, Massage, Yoga, dance) can be considered as four approaches to healing; Energy, massage, stretching and movement. Through a personal practice a person is guided by there body and life to create the best possible course of practice to affect healing on the mental, physical and spiritual levels. The main goal and what I mean by healing is to attain a feeling of centeredness and proper alignment of the body. The journey to get there through the different approaches, will in effect create healing on the mental and emotional levels as well.

Before you even begin training for anything, you want to come from a place where you are centered, focused, relaxed, flexible and strong in alignment, with mind body and spirit as one so you move comfortably with only a mere thought.  (This is also great just for living life.)  The reason for this is that when you begin training from this place you don’t have to worry about injury or having to fix any issues brought on by training with improper form which leads to strengthening your body further out of balance.  At the same time your journey to that center will bring about an understanding of healing, spirituality and mastery that you can take with you on your journey to master and practice whatever you want or for joyful living.  Or to practice and master the dance style developed for healing, mastery of movement and gaining spiritual experience. This and more you will gain, where every moment is a yogic experience and you move through life with the same exuberance and joy you would when dancing.

The book Qiyoda melds three ancient arts; Qigong, Yoga and dance.  These are arts of healing and self-mastery that use the cultivation of spiritual energy for health and well-being.  This book gives the reader a detailed analysis and a deep understanding of Chi and its cultural counterpart Prana. Both Qigong and Yoga are very similar. They use stretching, movement, breathing techniques and cultivation of spiritual energy to perfect mind, body and spirit. Dance can do just the same. Although it is not well known to be practiced in such a way, it still has all the elements. By melding the three arts I am broadening one’s view of what is a Yoga practice. Basically any practice that leads to that perfection is a Yoga or Qigong practice. By incorporating Qigong and expanding the idea of opening the body by using movement, dance becomes of form of Yoga as well. It is and always has been a healing and spiritual art as well.

All I have done is to revive the ancient and put some pieces together and shined some new light on it. In essence these arts are all just a part of what can be called the art(s) of healing and mastery. Which it turns out, are spiritual practices. Practicing your Chi/Prana (spiritual energy) literally becomes a spiritual practice. 

This is a book of foundations and even though I have written it to progress towards the mastery of movement based arts, anyone can pursue a deeper practice towards mastery of any of the art forms presented. Or a sport or just for living a good long life feeling comfortable in and moving one’s own body.