Qiyoda Book Review

I am pleased to share this review. It got a 5 out of 5 stars. It is great how they used terms like mind-blowing and eye-opening to describe the techniques I wrote about. Especially coming from someone with no knowledge or experience with Chi or the arts I wrote about. I know that anyone who reads it will feel the same. And anyone with background in a Chi art, Yoga or the Healing arts will be equally of not more pleased to see what I have written and created. Thank you.

Below is the review by Chiwelite Obioma Mgbeoji from Onlinebookclub.org

The world and our daily way of life have a way of inputting stress, tension, and negativity into our lives. There are situations we have limited control over that affect how we go about our daily programs. As humans, it is safe to say we are walking balls of energy and sometimes need guidance on how to dispense or channel this energy. We have so much pent-up energy that negatively affects our balance in life. 

Qiyoda, an insightful book written by Jace Lee, talks about this energy, attaining self-help, and mastery in life. The book starts with the author noting four approaches to achieving this mastery. He talks about Chi and how it complements these approaches. He talks about techniques like yoga, tai chi, and many more and how they help in self-improvement. He explains the basic day-to-day activities that affect our energy negatively and positively as humans. He takes us through mind-blowing techniques that we can input into our daily programs to achieve mastery. The author shows us eye-opening concepts and discoveries that make you see your body in a new light. Jace Lee emphasizes the importance of Chi and how it is essential in our lives in healing. He takes us on an eye-opening journey teaching us how much our body can do if we channel into our Chi, using the right techniques and approaches. 

I loved a lot of things about this book. Jace Lee talks about his experiences in learning, cultivating, and channeling this energy through Chi. He talks about setting goals to achieve this mastery. He explains topics like healing, tension, alignment, and many more. He discusses their effects on our lives, why we should let some of these things go, and why we should embrace others. He also talks about how it helps us, the readers, in achieving our goals. I love how the author painstakingly explains each of the four approaches to the extent of adding events from his life and giving pictorial representations. This shows that he has the growth of his readers at heart. 

Although I found the book very educational and helpful, I would not say it was enjoyable. The book had a lot of explanations which at some point seemed confusing and complex. However, these explanations were helpful to me in understanding Chi and what it entails for someone who had no idea of what Chi was prior to reading the book. 

Notwithstanding, I rate the book five out of five stars. It would be unfair to deduct any stars because of the negative aspect I noted above since the author was able to convey his message to his readers. The book was very enlightening and well-detailed. It was also professionally edited. 

I will recommend this book to people seeking self-help and wanting to achieve mastery in all aspects of their life. This book is for people willing to get insights into how the body works and how to enhance it. 

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