Welcome, to your resource for foundations into an incredible journey of dance. Here dance is presented as a healing art and way to perfect movement of the body and cultivate Chi. Movement heals by increasing blood flow to the muscles in effect helping to open and strengthen the body on a greater range of motion. It also increases coordination and brings the body into proper alignment. When combined with Qigong it heals on an energetic level by opening the flow of Chi and cultivating it, increasing its strength. When a shamanistic element is added, it takes on a form called energy work where thoughts (intention) and hand movements are used to move energy for the purpose of healing. Also, when a dancer uses intention, the dance takes on that thought form. And when dancing in a creative and spontaneous manner, a person is creating a connection to their creative ability and building intuition. What I like to call, connecting to the creative.

We spend most of our lives moving, so why not learn to perfect the movement of the body? The martial arts have refined and perfected the movement of the body for millennia. By removing the violent elements and adding the ability to flow creatively, we can gain the benefits of martial arts movement principles while having fun and being creative. Then we can move through life effortlessly, strong and without fear of injury or pain. When you are centered and relaxed within your body’s proper alignment, anything you do is going to be and feel amazing.

I have designed a style of dance called “torsion” to do all of what I have just described. It is designed as a personal practice and an art of mastery. It is based on the shapes and movements of a vortex, includes elements of Qigong, martial arts and Shamanism. It is malleable and other elements can be incorporated to make it whatever you want. Which will give it more flare and your own personal touch. It can also be performed to any type of music. I even like to practice without music. It is in essence a Tai Chi or Qigong style practice, but way more fun. Just click on the logo below to check it out.