Qiyoda: What you will learn

– The importance of relaxation, the breath and proper alignment of the body.

– To understand the nature of the mind and what Chi is, how to feel it physically, move it with the mind, use it like a tool to heal and open the body

– How to move the body with Chi and use Chi as strength

– How to manipulate Chi with imagination. Make it do what you want by shaping it however you like.

– How to incorporate it into massage, standing meditation, Yoga and dance or anything you are already practicing or normal life.

– A deep understanding of Qigong, massage, standing meditation, Yoga and dance and how they work together for healing and mastery

– To use standing meditation as a foundation for your personal practice

– How to create a personal practice where you are the teacher and your body, life and heart are your guides

– How to use Qigong, massage, Yoga and dance to bring the body to proper alignment, centered, balance, relaxed and comfortable.

– What that alignment is for standing as well as many other stances and poses.

– How to move the body while maintaining that alignment

– A dance style that teaches you how the body moves naturally within the many spirals it makes in motion.

– How to use dance to connect to the creative, heal, cultivate Chi and gain spiritual experience.

– How to move like a martial artist

– How to incorporate your practice into daily life.

– How to connect with other people using Chi.

As you can see there is a lot to learn. And this is only a foundation, a beginning. I am no master, I consider myself a master beginner. I want to perfect my body and movement because I know that when I do, anything I do will be perfect. Especial dancing. Learning this was all to get my body to be able to express the dance with complete freedom and without fear of injury.