Qiyoda: Benefits of Practice

I am sure you can already imagine the benefits one can receive from practicing Chi and the arts presented in Qiyoda. Also any benefit that comes with practicing a martial art or Tai Chi. Now add on…

When a person practices Tai Chi, martial arts, Qigong movements they are just doing the same movements over and over again. And they rarely get to use their skills to test for true mastery. Which is how well they are able to let go and overcome their opponent without thought. Through dance we can cultivate and experience that through creative movement.

Using Chi as strength increases strength and stamina. True power is in maximum exertion and minimal effort combined with proper alignment.

Moving the body with Chi strengthens the mind and the mind body connection. You will be able to any muscle with a mere thought. Feel every inch of your body to the bone.

When you become more sensitive to Chi you start to understand and feel other forms of energy like kundalini, Shakti, and the energy field of the body. Not just a few sensations of Chi.

There is almost nothing like the feeling of your body in proper alignment and moving with that. Feeling centered, balanced, relaxed and comfortable in your body and having that be natural, without effort.

There are books written about the benefits of the body being in proper alignment. Yoga focuses on alignment. The only thing Qiyoda changes is using the standing pose as a guide and foundation for practice. This gives Yoga a practical purpose for living life. It also gives people a goal, instead of practicing blindly with no real goal except for a certification or an advanced pose.

You will understand the core essence of each approach to healing and the simplicity of each to the point where you can create your own techniques, seek out other possibilities and master other arts faster.

Within a short time you can become a powerful energy healer and use it on yourself and others. You can practice it anytime anywhere if you have time to think.

Practicing Chi and relaxation is a meditation, focusing the mind strengthens the mind. So you will find your mind quieter and able to focus easier. What better meditation than to move Chi.

With a personal practice life seems to come alive. As of it has a consciousness that guides you to your goals. Your life becomes a spiritual journey as you work to not only succeed at proper form but succeed at career, love, friendships and relationships.

Practicing Chi (energy) directly, becomes a literal spiritual practice. Which can eventually lead to seeing energy and understanding and using other forms of energy as well.

Be able to heal old and new injuries.

There’s a few for starters. As you can see there is a lot to be gained.