Bending Straight Leg Toe Grab

Yoga term: None

This is more of a martial arts based stretch. I like it because it gives a good stretch of the ham string at the area where the leg meets the butt. The toe grab can be with either hand to get a different angle to the stretch.

Alignment points:

Using the picture above- The right foot is at a 45 degree angle with 95% of the weight on that leg. Keep the knee over the two large toes. The quads and hamstrings are supporting most of the weight. Keep the right hip as relaxed as possible. Keeping the hips square extend the left leg forward placing the heel on the ground and pull the toes toward you, using your shins. Then with which ever hand you choose grab the toes. The hand on the hip helps to relax and release tension in the lower back. Keep the chest forward and pull in at the lower abdomen.