Yoga term: Mudhasana

This is considered a resting pose. Here you can see I have the arms out. I am using this as an opportunity to stretch the shoulders. It is also a good relaxed stretch for the inside and front of the hips and the sacrum and coccyx. Especially after working them intensely. Above you can see my butt is off of my feet. For the hip stretch keep the butt on your feet. For a more relaxed variation reach the arms to the back of the room and rest them on the floor along your sides. Also to note, rolling the hips from side to side can help to relax and stretch the hips and groin.

Alignment points:

Lower half is like that of Seiza. Knees are typically together but can be spread to get the stretch in the hip and sacral areas discussed above. When the arms are reaching forward keep the shoulder blades flat and the chest forward. Arms are straight forward, shoulder width apart and elbows to the sides. By leaning towards the floor a greater stretch of the shoulders can be obtained.