Extended Side Stretch

Yoga term: Parsvottonasana

This is not the most practical Yoga pose but I like it and add it into my routine sometimes. It is best to start in equestrian and come into the standing position above. From this position it is easier to square the hips to the front of the room and bending at the hips with the lower abdomen pulling in, slowly lower yourself towards the ground placing the hands to both sides of the front foot. For more advanced variations continue to lower yourself, resting the torso on the thigh and placing the hands under the hips.

Alignment points:

The front leg is straight and rotating the leg inward but not locked. This leg is passive but still active. The rear leg has the foot at a 45 degree angle. Leave a thin line of space between the inside of the front foot and the rear heel. This leg is active and contracted yet still relaxed. Keep hips squared and try to relax into the stretch.