Johnnie Walker and the 6 Levels

This set of stances are design to expedite the realignment and strengthening of proper alignment of the legs and hips for standing and walking. Each pose except for the Johnny Walker has stretching and strengthening qualities.

This set started out with the Johnny Walker. One day I realized that in order to align my lower body I really need to start with the feet. What brought me to that realization was walking and the desire to feel balanced and comfortable with each step. This is why this stance is that of a person in mid stride, when walking we are touching the ground with one foot. So why not seek to achieve balance at that point.

The other stances are ones I have found while practicing different depths and variations of the standing meditation posture. Just one minute for each can be of great benefit and expedite the perfection of your standing posture.

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Johnny Walker

This pose will strengthen the muscles of the foot into proper balance and alignment out of the need to create balance. Simply stand as if you are in mid stride with your foot facing straight forward. Then lift the other leg as of to take a step. Arms should be that of walking in motion. lift the chest slightly and take on a confident mindset.

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Level 1

This stance will stretch the toes, arches and ankles depending on where you shift your weight to.

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Level 2

This can be a very difficult stance. It took me a few months to get it. This was inspired by kids and their ability to squat comfortably while doing something on the ground. Above I am squatting slightly higher because I am utilizing the muscles of my legs to create lift and strengthen them. In a more relaxed pose the butt should be resting on the backs of the legs. This stances helps to open the hips and ankles.

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Level 3

This stances can be practiced leaning forward as you see and upright. The more forward position will help to open and balance the hips and open and strengthen the ankles. With this one we are training the body to utilize the shin muscles to aid in support of standing.

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Level 4

This stance also balances and stretches the hips. Its main function is to strengthen the legs into a natural alignment. This will make standing easier and more comfortable.

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Level 5

This stance develops strength in proper alignment with each leg separately much like Johnnie Walker but is more focused on the leg from the ankle to the hip. The JW focuses primarily on the foot and ankle.

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Level 6

This is the point in a person’s stride that can hinder balance and comfortability due to tension in the hips and slight misalignments in the legs. This pose is like ironing out the details. Weight distribution is 50/50 between the feet. Try to keep both feet in line with no more than an inch of space between them, down the center line.