Liquid unlike Tai Chi Hands is practiced mostly with fingers together, with the hands open and finger tips maintaining a connection no matter the distance between them while miming waves and surfaces in front of or around the body. The footwork is mostly derived from a style of dance called popping. This I would describe as Classic Liquid.

There is Classic Liquid and my style of Liquid. My style that I have been practicing for 20 years includes concepts I call Funneling, Entering and the Double Helix. Three concepts that are not practiced in Liquid today. These are the main concepts from my style of Liquid that I incorporate with Tai Chi Hands and other elements to create Vortexing. You will find links for them on the Vortexing page.

Below you will find examples and foundational movements for Classic Liquid style.

Examples of Classic Liquid style





Liquid Surfaces


Liquid Overhead