Praising Moon

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This is a mix, an advanced variation of a beginner variation of Ashwa Sanchalanasa, Lunge pose. Which is practiced with the foot down, palms together and arms straight out. This is a great stretch for the front of the hip. By lifting and grabbing the foot it intensifies the stretch.

Alignment points:

Start in the lunge position with the knee down. With the hips squared to the front of the room the forward leg is forward at a 90 degree angle with the knee over the heel and pushing into the Earth through the heel. Let the weight of your body add the pressure for the stretch. Shoulders square to the front, chest out and back straight. Bend from the hip and not the lower back. Feel free to just use this variation in your sequence. If you want to strengthen your balance and intensify your stretch you can use the pose shown above. For an advanced variation you can move the hips forward and moving the knees over the toes but not passed them. To go deeper into this variation move the knee back.