Reaching Forward Bend

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Yoga Term: None

This a stretch taken from a set of warm up exercises from the Eagle Claw style of Shaolin Kung Fu. It is usually performed in a callisthenic manner by standing up and reaching up with the hands together palms facing out. Then back down to reach to the sides and center. The movement goes straight to either straight to one of the three positions or to the center and then rotating to either side.

Here in this sequence it is performed more in a more static way. The purpose of this pose is to stretch the hip in the area of the hip joint to above and inside of the iliac crest of the pelvis. When doing this you can move as needed to get the best angle for the stretch you need.

Alignment points:

Center position is same as the forward bend but the fingers are interlaced with the palms facing out and arms reaching straight up from the torso. When stretching to the side the legs (both) can be kept straight or on leg bent. The bent leg is where your weight will be centered. Keep the knee over the heel and pushing into the Earth.