Seated Forward Bend

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Yoga Term: Paschimottanasana

This is a Yoga pose but I am sure we have done this when stretching for any sport. There are many variations for different levels of flexibility. The important part of this stretch is to maintain as proper form as you can. This means keeping the hips rolling forward slightly and your back straight with chest forward. As you can see this is not one of my best poses. A caving in of the chest is ok. Hips forward is the most important. Also interlacing the fingers behind the head and leaning forward with the head towards the knees, gives a good stretch of the back and a warm up for the Plow.

Alignment points:

Legs and feet together and straight out with toes up. Feel yourself sitting on both of your sit bones. Start sitting straight up with back straight and rolling the hips forward move the upper body with it towards your feet. Pull in from the lower abdomen. Focus on the stretch and relax into it. The full Hanuman is to bring the chest to the front of the upper legs and letting the head relax and fall into the legs.