Side Angle

Yoga term: Utthita Parsvakonasana

Alignment points:

This one is usually entered into from Equestrian by simply placing the hand inside the foot keeping the alignment of the front leg. Knee over the heel, pushing into the Earth. Shoulder is inside the knee and can be used to keep the knee in alignment. The other arm is reaching towards the sky and inline with the other arm. The rear leg is straight back with the foot perpendicular to the front foot. Maintain a thin line of space between the inside of the front foot and the heel of the rear foot. The rear leg is straight and rotating outward behind you. Feel as if you are pushing your foot into the Earth activating the front and inside of the leg. The thigh of the front leg is parallel to the floor. work to open at the hips reaching back with the rear leg and contracting the glutes.

Advanced variation: continuing the rotation of this pose can be continued into a lock under the thigh. Called Utthita Badda Parsvakonasana