I originally called this movement Tai Chi Hands because when the movement expands it looks a lot like Tai Chi movement, but I changed it in the spirit of the Vortex. When matter in a black hole converges to a point of singularity a jet of two vortexes extends out. Also in a torus there are two vortices that extend from the point of singularity. So, it seemed necessary since the dance and movements mimic that of the vortex. It will also help to get a visual of the movements of what singularity might entail which will help with performing and miming the movements.


Singularity will teach you about flow, spiraling movement, the spirals of the body and stillness in motion. It is the basis and first foundation for the Vortex.

This movement will create great strength, coordination and dexterity in the fingers and hands. It will also help to open and strengthen the wrists, forearms, shoulders and arms.

It may seem or look like an easy foundation but it has taken me a while to really start to get it down.