Faith is a concept that usually is deeply rooted in religion.  Sometimes I think it is a bit misunderstood out of fear.  When we talk about faith in a religious sense it usually comes as blind faith for a god that if we don’t believe in it we will come to great harm and possibly worse.  Personally I don’t think that if god exists then he/she/it would not be so low as to hurt someone for not believing.  To me that seems like a lowly human trait.  Especially when no real proof of knowing that god exists is available.  It’s not like God comes around every hundred years or so to check on us.  That might be nice because it would solve all problems of religion but it doesn’t happen.

Personally I believe that something way more intelligent and powerful than us created us and our universe and I give thanks to that.  What I don’t think is that they (god) meddles in our affairs and is always on call to answer our prayers like an errand boy.  If god exists and did create us I imagine is like a father to his children and wants the best for them and all but using his will on us does have his own will.  Although I may not always understand the plan for humanity, I do look at nature and see how hard and violent it can be.  We were given free will to do as we see fit for ourselves.  Unfortunately most people choose ill will over goodwill, which keeps us from exiting the animal kingdom into becoming a civilized and enlightened race.

Whether given to us or not by a god we have abilities that still are not cultivated enough in our society.  Jesus and the many masters of yoga, Buddhism and Taoism understand these abilities.  The ability to cultivate ourselves to reach a place where we can experience consciousness at its root, by cultivating our minds.

Our minds are very powerful and what we think usually manifests in our bodies and in our lives.  This is incredibly important to understand!  If you are happy then life seems to be magical and things work out.  When we are angry it only seems to create more situations that keep us angry.  Not that we can’t feel these emotions and they are bad.  It is when we hold on to them and let them run our minds and lives, that becomes detrimental to our progress.

What does this have to do with faith?  Here is a question for you.  If you were an employer who would you hire, the person who is fearful and seems to have anxiety or the person that has confidence in themselves and that everything is great?  Faith is the mindset of having confidence in one’s self and in the fact that everything is going to be OK because you believe in yourself and what you are doing in life.  This is the mindset of success!  And if anything goes wrong then it may be you need a change or learn something.  Because is truly about moving towards that root of consciousness and achieving the highest state of your humanness.

This is also why the world sucks, because when you have faith in what you do you succeed and too many bad people have power and faith in what they are doing even though they are ruining humanity.

Faith isn’t easy and sometimes mine waivers but I still try to hold on strong because I believe in what I am doing even though everything in the world might seem like it is against me.  Worry fear anger won’t help you be happy.  I have had many breakthroughs with faith.  It was something I learned from a great man.

I had put stock in hope many times over and been devastated when it never came to fruition.  Then I finally gave up hope and took on faith that all will be fine.  This was all in regards to finding work and the next day I got a call for an interview and got a job.

Another instance is when I had returned to New York after many years and went on a whim and only had so much money.  After a few months of trying to find work I was freaking out and running out of money.  After a huge blow out I finally had a breakthrough and soon found a job.

Then next year I did the same thing but this time I used my money however and whenever and didn’t worry about a job and just when my money was about to run out, I found a great job.

As I look at my life I have always been a worrier and struggled but I always managed to have what I need.  This doesn’t mean you can worry and things will still be ok.  It means that you shouldn’t worry, be patient and everything will happen when it is supposed to.

Just to be clear faith is a lot harder when you are broke, struggling to survive and/or putting your life on the line for your dreams or what you want in life.  This is when you are truly tested.  Not when you have a great career, money and all you want when you can have it.  But even then people seem to worry and freak out.

We all want to be in control of our lives and sometimes we try to force ot and when it is not happening we freak out.  Well here is all you need to take control of your life.  Your mind is very powerful, be confident, patient and have faith and what you want will come.  It might not be right away, something bad might happen because you are in the wrong place, just keep faith and stay positive and you shall prevail and be the master of your destiny.

Strangely, I typed in the word relief and this was one of the pictures that came up.  The caption for it was anxiety relief.  It also has quite a resemblance to someone thanking the universe for something.

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