Evolution of the Self, Your Body and Life as Your Guides

In order to evolve towards something you need a goal.  There are many goals when it comes to Yoga, you can work towards health and well-being, total flexibility or self-mastery.  Even trying to achieve success in life can be a yogic pursuit.  The first two can be goals in themselves or what happens naturally through the practice of Yoga towards self-mastery.  But self-mastery is a very subjective term and can have many sides and possibilities.

At least we know that there is at least one constant; you, the self.  But you have to ask yourself, what do I want, what am I working towards?  Then you have something to work towards and evolve with.  More specifically the teachings presented in this blog and in Living Yoga are working towards getting you healed and working towards mastery.  When it comes to these two things there is an evolution and a progression of practice that ensues.  This may come naturally through just practicing but if you are working towards something then your practice becomes deeper and more dynamic.

For example, theoretically, you take classes at your local or favorite Yoga studio and you learn new movements and possibly some of their principles and you read about Yoga and it’s good.  But do you gain a true understanding of it, are you working towards something?  The point here is that when you work towards something you are more engaged, more motivated and progress much faster.

Your goal is getting healed, this means opening the body, finding your center, becoming strong and flexible in both.  This also entails work on an emotional level and a mental level and possibly on a spiritual level.  This is where your body and life becomes your guide.  Now before you get over whelmed by how long this might take just know that it won’t.  Mostly it depends on what you need to work on and how much time you put in.  The beauty of it is that when you are in it and making great progress, you aren’t thinking about the goal and soon you end up there and more.  Whatever you do don’t get a big head and think you are enlightened because we all always have more to learn no matter how far on our journey we are and there is always something to be learned from anyone.

The strange thing about the evolution of the self is that anyone can come across your path and bring something out of you that you need to face; if you can see it, understand it and overcome it, you will make it to the next level.  If not that same issue is going to keep coming up until you face it.  That is part of your evolutionary journey to self-mastery.  Seeing what is impeding your progress in your yoga and your pursuit of happiness and success.

Everyone’s path is different, for some reason I have to learn everything the hard way.  For me I have a natural inclination towards impatience and worry and has been a tough road, especially since my life can be very complicated and uncertain.  But these have also been great learning tools for me and what I want to do in my life.  Sometimes hardship is there to teach us something.  As I want to be a healer, it seems that I must endure and over come every manner of ailment and learn from the experience so that I may be better equipped to help others in the same way.

You on the other hand may just want to work your career and progress in your practice and live a great life.  As you evolve in your practice you will find new things that need your attention.  This is where your life and body becomes your guide.

With your body, as you get more in touch with it you will see more and more what needs to be done to get you to that place of feeling centered, aligned and moving with relaxed effortlessness.  You may also find emotional traumas or stress trapped in your body and muscles.  Literally the chemicals and hormones associated with emotion get stuck in your body.  As you release them you may experience them again.  Just breathe, relax and let go.

With life there may be certain behaviors and thought patterns that are impeding your success in relationships with others and in life or your career.  The key here is too be aware of your thoughts and actions and how they affect others and your life.  Your life is literally a reflection of who you are just like your body is a reflection or expression of your mind.

Thigs in your life may be going very well, it is when you take on a pursuit of bettering yourself to succeed at being the best human possible that life will start throwing everything you need to overcome to gain that success.  So if something bad happens don’t get down, see it as an opportunity for improvement.  Even if it seems like someone else’s fault, still look to yourself and see if maybe your actions caused any reactions in others.

The brighter side of learning from your body and life is that when you are in a good place and progressing in your practice you may be gifted a technique or movement or pose that can help you reach the next phase of your journey.  For this just stay positive, be spontaneous and open to possibility.  Or when you are ready a person will come into your life and teach you exactly what you needed to know or were looking for.  Remember teachings and healings can take many forms, so be open and aware.

Even if you come to a place of feeling healed, centered, aligned, relaxed, focused and pain free the same principles apply to further healing and mastery in your arts and life.  So find a goal, work towards healing and self-mastery to find happiness and success in your life.  Because when we are happy everything is awesome.  Figure out what is blocking you or what you need to learn to get there.

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