Yoga term: Mandukasana

This is a great stretch for the groin and insides and fronts of the hips. I recommend moving back and forward in this pose to gain a greater range of motion in the stretch. Note, this is not a continuous movement. Just a shifting of the weight back or forward and holding it to gain the stretch.

Alignment points:

Knees as far apart as you can get them. Feet back with ties facing the sides of the room. Elbows on the floor shoulder width apart with hands forward and palms facing down. Keep back flat with chest forward but stay relaxed in this posture. The head can be up or down. This can be considered a resting pose but it can also be an intense stretch. Just maintain a relax mindset. For a different variation, which helps gain a little more stretch when squatting back is to shift the shift your weight back, lift the upper body and bringing the hands back to a comfortable distance. You can also walk the hands forward to get a good stretch to the front of the pelvis. This I call Standing Frog and is a good lean in to what I call Rattlesnake pose.