Little Bridge

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Yoga term: ??

I learned this one from a friend. I found that it was very good at activating and strengthening the muscles of the back of the body from the heels to the shoulders. Focusing on the area of the glutes and hamstrings. This helps greatly with the body’s alignment while standing. These muscles tend to weaken and not be as active as they should while standing. This may be to a tendency to lean forward using the front of the hips, quads, shins and feet to hold the body up. When we can utilize the muscles of the back of the body to stand more muscles can be utilized and standing becomes more balanced and efficient. Also a good warm up for the Plow.

Alignment points:

WHile lying in corpse pose start to contract the glutes and the hamstrings to lift the hips off of the ground until only the shoulders and heels are touching the floor. work to feel the other muscles in the back and the back of the legs are involved. activate the muscles of the abdomen to aid in supporting the torso. This action should bring the rib cage down. Arms are down and to the sides or you can do with them as you like. Hold for at least 10 seconds.