Standing Meditation

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Standing meditation is not only a foundation for Internal and external martial arts and Yoga it is a foundation for life. It is a great tool to guide a practical Yoga practice, strengthen proper alignment and centering and cultivate Chi. The above stance is the classic stance for martial arts and Tai Chi. The is what Tai Chi students learn and practice before learning anything else.

The martial art stances below are variations used to further strengthen and align the body for the purpose of movement. In order to practice a martial art properly one must maintain centering and alignment through every movement. The stances work with the natural alignment of the body to allow for maximum efficiency of movement and power.

The Yoga stances are examples to illustrate the similarities to martial arts stances and add variety to your own sequence if you choose to modify the foundational sequence. Also for more detailed alignment points on the standing posture click.

Martial Arts Stances:


Side Stance



One Leg Seated

Drop Stance

Yoga Stances:

Warrior 1 & 2- Virabhadrasana 1&2

Tree- Vrkasana

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